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JAWDA was developed over a period of 10 years of hands-on experience working with over 350 childcare centers, nurseries, preschools and child development team and quality assurance experts based in the United States of America, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.  


Through rigorous global research, we analyzed systems from the UK, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand, along with local regulatory guidelines.


A comprehensive pilot study was conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs  in the United Arab Emirates.

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JAWDA is a non-profit that provides childcare leaders and educators that support, coaching, evaluation, and accreditation they need to help improve the quality of care and education for young children in their communities. We help programs identify their areas of strength and areas that need improvement, then provide targeted training and technical assistance to help them improve. Finally, we celebrate their achievement by providing them tier level certifications.  


JAWDA is the first quality improvement program created for early childhood programs in the MENA region.  It is a tiered quality rating and improvement system that demonstrates a program’s commitment to quality. It communicates to families that the program is a safe place where their children will learn and thrive.

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99% of JAWDA participants that took part in the program were able to make significant improvements to the quality of care and education.

95% of JAWDA participants reported that by achieving a rating of 3 or higher, they were able to meet the licensing requirements in their respective countries with ease.

82% of JAWDA participants reported that the program helped them identify gaps and areas of needed improvement that they otherwise, were unaware of.

95% of JAWDA participants reported that by joining the rigorous quality improvement program, they received targeted and specific feedback that was appropriate for their center.

87% of JAWDA participants reported that the accreditation helped them increase family engagement and communicate the importance of quality care to parents.

86% of teachers who were involved in the JAWDA team in their program reported that because of their involvement in the program, they were more likely to take on leadership roles. 

99% of JAWDA participants reported that the standards and criteria were appropriate for their program in serving the children in their communities. 


Most QRIS systems struggle to keep the system running smoothly when it is fully implemented. JAWDA is different! We have adapted an innovative, sustainable and scalable model that works collaboratively through local partners in countries across the MENA region.

We have a unique and innovative implementation model that enables us to reach and support all childcare centers in the MENA region, regardless if they are in a metropolitan area like Cairo or Dubai, or in a rural area like Madinat Zayed or Abha. 

Our program is implemented in partnership between global partners who work closely together, with one specific target, to help the childcare center understand and identify their areas of strength and weakness, and put effective plans for improvement that make sense to them, and that work!

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